Biomedical Consulting

Medical scientists and biomedical engineers
that perform forensic consulting, chemical analysis, laboratory markup, and computational simulation

When choosing between biomedical consulting firms, selecting a rigorous and qualified company is important. Electrokinetic Signal Research, Inc., (ESR) brings the experience and scientific knowledge necessary to provide high-quality risk analysis, injury analysis, and forensic consulting to our clients.

What Does ESR Do?

ESR specializes in electrical injuries. Our team uses chemical analysis and computational simulation to analyze electrical shock trauma, thermal burns, and radiation injuries caused by electricity. ESR can also provide risk and injury assessments, give an expert testimony in trauma and injury cases, and conduct a record review of medical and technical documentation.

At ESR, we are committed to data-supported consulting. Any opinions from our team are meticulously supported by a combination of objective analysis, mathematical modeling, and scientific evidence. Our goal is to provide our clients with evidence-based advice at every step of our consultations.

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Why Choose ESR?

ESR was founded to bridge the gap between medicine and electrical engineering. Our team of medical scientists and biomedical engineers has over 30 years of experience working with injuries and trauma to close that gap. We are dedicated to providing quality service for our customers, every time.

Among biomedical engineering firms, ESR stands apart because of our industry experience. ESR has worked with a variety of clients across many industries. These include law firms, utility companies, space agencies, and government entities.

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